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As the World Reopens

I hope that this update finds you and your family well.  I’ve missed seeing you, but there are hidden opportunities in each challenge.  During this time of limited contact, I have discovered a few new methods of working with you! 

As of this writing, I expect to open the doors on Monday, June 15th.  Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that any of us will truly be “germ-free,” so I will continue to extend alternative methods of planning and reviewing indefinitely.   

Over the past ten weeks, we have developed these methods together, and I thank you for your valuable input and patience as new systems have been created and put into practice.  Thanks to your requests and suggestions, I offer you the following: 

Zoom meetings.  If you have access to a computer or tablet and the internet, we can screen share information.  You can opt into a video chat, or we can dial in from our phones.  The choice is yours! 

Also available if you have access to a computer: 

Riskalyze Meetings.  We can evaluate your investments and discuss changes while screen sharing on a secure platform.  Riskalyze is an excellent way for us to make sure we are on the same page when we are talking about risk and reward.   

eMoney Secure Virtual Meetings.  We can create your financial plan, take a deep dive into your existing plan, or discuss how various choices might impact it.  After our meeting, I’ll send our report to your eMoney vault, where it will always be available to you.  I can also send a paper copy to by regular mail, or straight to your email.   

Custom Tutorials.  In addition to many existing tutorials, I can record a custom tutorial specifically for you.  Let me know where you are struggling, whether it is Black Diamond reports, direct login to NFS or TD Ameritrade, or any other online resource that seems complicated.  I’ll send the tutorial right to your inbox, where you’ll be able to access it whenever you need it. 

If you do not have access to the internet or a computer, or it isn’t your preference: 

We can schedule a call to gather the information that I’ll need to get ready for our appointment. 

I’ll FedEx all of the reports and documents that you’ll need for our meeting.  Once you’ve received and reviewed your documents, we’ll schedule another phone call.  On this call, we’ll review everything on the agenda, and I’ll follow up with any other documents that you need by mail or FedEx. 

And of course, you are always welcome to come to the office!   

Often, when you call the office, I am with a client, virtually or in conference. I am also working from home more often these days.   Your calls are answered by my dedicated team who are trained to treat you with the utmost of care, and to get your messages to me as quickly and efficiently as possible.  If you have an emergency, please tell them!  They will do their best to interrupt my meeting, or at the least, will alert me to return your call first.  If your call is not an emergency, I will contact you during the next block of time that is designated for returning calls and emails.   

I look forward to seeing you again soon!

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